Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are Building Inspections required?

Ans: Buying a house is an expensive investment. So, identifying building issues before committing to the purchase means that you can choose to proceed with the purchase or pull out. Once you have committed to the purchase then you don’t have any leverage to get repairs done by the previous owner or re-negotiate the price. Building inspections are essential for any home owner or prospective buyer.

Q: Is there a difference between pest inspections and building inspections?

Ans: Building inspections are a structural examination of a property to identify issues which could have a significant impact on the property and end up costing you money in the future. It does not factor in general wear and tear. Pest inspections examine a property for signs of timber pests and assessment of any damage that these pests may have caused. This should be done when one is buying new property so that there are no nasty surprises.

Q: Can I be present during the inspection?

Ans: Yes, of course! You’re always welcome to be at the inspection. However, try not to distract the inspector by interrupting and obstructing him/ her during the inspection. For safety reasons, keep children and pets away. If you have any questions you’re encouraged to read the report then contact the office rather than ask for verbal clarification.

Q. How long do property inspections take?

Ans: In general, inspections do not take a definite number of hours. The time it takes will depend on the floor space, type of building and so forth. On average it takes less than 2 hours for a thorough inspection.

Q: Do you use thermal Imaging?

Ans: Yes. Structural damage caused by termites or other pests are not always visible to the naked eye. For a thorough inspection, thermal imaging is put into use.

Q: How long does it take to get my reports?

Ans: The report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.However we also offer a same day service, just ask us during your booking.

Q: Are your inspectors licensed and insured?

Ans: Yes. Every building inspector licensed and provide indemnity insurance to cover any damage and legal costs. We guarantee you peace of mind during all inspections.

Q: How much do building inspections cost?

Ans: A building inspection will normally cost anywhere between $220 – $ 1300. This cost depends on the floor area, location of the building, type of building, cladding (is it weatherboard, stucco or brick) and access among other things.

Q: How do I book an inspection?

Ans: Simply call our call centre or fill in your details into our quote form, you can find it on our homepage or contact page.